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Just Passin’ Through… Train Art & Graffiti Rolling through Columbia, S.C.

It’s here! Columbia, South Carolina’s own train graffiti book! Fifty-four pages of some the best and most entertaining pieces, tags, and burners that have come through our city over the past three years. More than 100 photos taken by yours truly – the Train Graffiti Dude! Available for a complete preview and online ordering now at
Or, you can pick up your own signed copy at The Nest at Hampton and Main after March 17 or any time I am at Soda City Market on Saturdays. Check out my booth dates here:

Takahara Shrine - Kumano Kodo

57 Images of Japan – The Book Now Available!

Check out my new book – 57 Images of Japan – now available!
You can order online, come by my booth at Soda City Market (March 15 or 19), or drop into The Nest (the corner of Hampton and Main in Cola) anytime to get your copy. A complete preview is available at the web address above.

57 Images of Japan is a selection of images from my trip to that county in the summer of 2013. Locations include Tokyo, Kamakura, Hace, Kyoto, Katsuura, Nara, and the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage trail including Takahara, Hongu, and Nachi.  All photographs are 35mm film (400 Portra & TriX). I processed the TriX, edited, and scanned all images. Only the Snowlion image is cropped.