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Brunch Appointment

Brunch Appointment

Make your brunch appointment this Saturday, September 21 (9 – 1) for Soda City Market, Main Street Columbia. I’ll have more than 250 train art photos framed and prints, too. This week, by request, I’m bringing engine shots and a Go Cocks! tag snagged behind the stadium. See you there!

S.C. Governor gets her new report card from DeadLast

DeadLast issues S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley her new report card. Ms. Haley is fond of passing judgement on the state legislature, periodically issuing “report cards” on their performance. Not surprisingly, her grades are determined by whether legislators agree with her politically or not. What you will never, ever hear Ms. Haley mention are the actual facts related to the state of the state, for which she is presumably somewhat responsible. So, check out the real numbers and you can determine the grades you would assign. I’ve provided mine.


Japan 9.28.17 AM

Images of Japan

This summer we traveled Japan including the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara. We also hiked portions of the mountain pilgrimage Kumano Kodo on the southwestern KII Peninsula. For this trip I shot only 35 mm film. I’ve posted about 60 images in the gallery. Watch this grow over the next two weeks.