Graffiti/Street Art: It's everywhere. You are stuck at a railroad crossing, waiting. The artists are talking to you. It's under the bridges and on the backs of buildings. I've shot thousands of photos of trains and walls.

Why? These writers are kulture jamming, trying to break through the noise. Messages you don't get from your CCN or Fox or NYT. To help interpret them I've put together a glossary of terms common to train art and graffiti. The clicks on the right will get you to some of what I have collected.

I sell prints and framed photos. You will find a couple links to that, too. What do I think about selling prints of someone else's work? I'm not quite sure on that. Most of what writers put up, eventually gets buffed by "the man" and would be lost. I can tell you I had to work my ass off to get it. So far, the writers I talk to say it's cool. In the end, it's like this...

Shoot it (Summer 2011),

Shoot it

Or lose it (Summer 2012)...

Lose it


Writings on the Wall: A Video Mashup

Train art/graffiti gallery: Columbia, SC


NEW! Atlanta East Village Street Art


Occupied Public Space: Columbia Street Art

Full gallery of Occupied Public Space: Columbia Street Art


Other galleries: